Coming Out: Growing up gay – and Catholic – in a conservative small town

First, my apologies. It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything on my blog (yes, ashamed) and I wanted to let my scant number of faithful readers that I hope to change the inconsistency of my blogging. I expected winter to be a chance to write more – alas, winter is over and spring is here and nary a word has been written on this page in 2012.

I’m going to change that, a promise to you all.

Why am I writing this particular day you ask? Well, I have a story coming out tomorrow in The Caledon Enterprise, the lovely twice-weekly paper I write for, that I would love for you all to read. It’s a difficult story about being gay in a small town. It’s about strength and perseverance and coming to terms with being gay – something that no one person should have to ‘come to terms’ with. In a small, Conservative – very Catholic – town in semi-rural Ontario, being gay isn’t easy. In fact, being gay most places isn’t easy, however, it’s much harder in a town wrought with ignorance and a Catholic school system that masks disdain with acceptance.

Caressa is a strong young woman who came to me after reading a series of news stories about a gay character being removed from a school drama production. She came to me wanting to share her story of growing up gay, hiding it from her friends, family and teachers, for fear of persecution of it. In time, she told her mother and eventually her father, friends and soon Caressa was able to be the person she was.

It came with sacrifice, pain, hurt and having to face a number of unfortunate realities of Caledon.

I hope you’ll take the time to read the link below and pass it along to friends and family, loved ones, anyone who you think might want to read it.

My goal was the same as Caressa’s in telling this story: Give people strength and empower them to be who they are and not hide from it, no matter what some might think.


COMING OUT: Caledon teenager shares her experiences growing up gay in small town Ontario





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2 responses to “Coming Out: Growing up gay – and Catholic – in a conservative small town

  1. momandpoet

    I grew up in Caledon: my parents built a home on McColl Drive in Inglewood. They have since downsized and moved away. I do not remember Caledon being particularly Catholic. It was originally a very British town, and until the late 1990s when I moved permanently away to continue University studies it continued to be predominantly Protestant. The Catholic students were bussed to Catholic schools outside the town of Caledon during my entire childhood. And yes, some Catholics do not understand that hate is wrong, and condemnation is against most religious traditions’ teaching. I would hesitate to equate any prejudice with any religion and certainly not equate Caledon conservativism with Catholicism.

  2. KB

    I grew up in Caledon gay, it is hard period. Religion set aside, this town is full of homophobes, and it really is a lot more narrow-minded than just Catholics.

    If you are gay, Caledon is probably one of the worst places to grow up in Canada.

    I went to the Public Highschool, and there wasn’t a single “out” gay student there. I still haven’t told anyone and probably never will tell anyone from that town I am gay.

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